QQQ vs QQQM. What’s the catch? QQQ has an avg return 13% Over the last 20 years, and an avg of 24% return for the last 10 years but an expense ratio of 0.20%. If QQQM is basically the same index fund but has an expense ratio of 0.15%, why doesn’t everyone just ditch QQQ and buy QQQM?. Looking at the last one-year period, the three have delivered performances of above 28%, with the SPY and VOO gaining 28.54% and 28.59% respectively, slightly outperforming QQQ at 28.31%. 6% last year Real-time trade and investing ideas on PowerShares Nasdaq-100 QQQ QQQ from the largest community of traders and investors QQQ has outperformed VTI with a compound. $QQQ is up only 28% YTD, and $TQQQ is up 90% YTD. over the last year, $TQQQ is up 89%, much better than $QQQ. Over the last five years, $TQQQ is up 1461%, while $QQQ is up only over 200%. Since inception in 2010, $TQQQ is up almost 19,000%, so that narrative that it’s not a good strategy long term in factually wrong.. "/>Qqq vs qqq reddit